Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lost In The Trees

Lost in the Trees's new album "All Alone In An Empty" was released not long ago, but immediately made it to my favorite albums of this year. Lost in the Trees' style varies from folk to classical instrumental strong composed pieces. And although there are nine of them they've managed to create a very intimate and personal sound. Brilliant stuff!
Lost in the Trees is a folk orchestra from Chapel Hill, NC, led by composer/songwriter Ari Picker. All Alone in an Empty House is the anticipated follow up to the critically lauded Time Taunts Me , released last year by Trekky Records. The new album shows ringleader Ari Picker fully realizing and extending his compelling synthesis of American folk and traditional classical music and showing that disparate musical styles really stem from a common voice. While Picker certainly utilizes his professional training from the esteemed Berklee College of Music, All Alone In An Empty House is far from the cold calculation and gridded “correctness” some associate with classical music. Rather, it is intensely personal (almost uncomfortably so) and never allows the rules of classical music to limit the emotional weight delivered in each song. Picker uses the unifying familiarity of traditional folk to face these haunting issues with optimism, not dread, and uses his orchestra of strings and horns to objectively correlate the feeling of the song to the listener. Thematically and sonically, All Alone in An Empty House is extremely intimate. Picker's orchestra features members of the Trekky Records Collective, professional classical musicians and student musicians from local universities. All Alone In An Empty House has been released.



Ooh, this is very interesting. Love the brooding nature of it all. Check out Digging For Days


walk around the lake is an awesome tune


hey I love browsing through your blog, and this band is just great! I bought their 2 albums on iTunes today and truly they are overwhelmingly beautiful. Really, really brilliant! I love your taste of music!

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