Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Feverfew

It was back in 2006, (I checked at when I discovered The Feverfew. And since this blog started in the end of 2007, it got lost in all the music I discovered in that year, but now is your chance to catch up!
As a singer-songwriter in New York City, it’s easy to get lost. Every night, hundreds of performers sit at tiny tables with their guitars, waiting for their turn to play a song at an open mic, hoping someone might recognize their talent. After moving to Brooklyn in the Fall of 2000 to begin her studies of creative writing. Bethany Spiers quickly became one of those struggling artists. She met Debiak and led him to sign on as the producer for her first album, which caught the attention of their long-time friends at Eyeball Records. After months of pre-production with the coaching of Debiak, Spiers assembled nine songs to be released under the moniker, The Feverfew. The album, titled “Apparitions,” deals with the ghosts, in their various incarnations, that lurk in notebooks, letters and dreams. She sings of both the light and the dark, coupling the mournful with the optimistic to evoke a feeling of intimacy and urgency. Joined by the talented Jonathon Linaberry on guitar, backing vocals and melodica, the two find a niche wherever they perform— from hardcore and punk shows in basements and bars, to singer-songwriter circles in quiet coffeehouses or indie rock clubs. The synergy of instruments and voices appeal to the many diverse crowds they encounter, as they have attracted fans of indie rock, pop and folk alike. It is certain that as a part of the Eyeball Records family, Spiers won’t be just another singer-songwriter lost in the crowds of New York City. She's working on new songs right now!

@ Doylestown, USA
♫ Indie, Acoustic, Pop
By Now (mp3)
A Song, A Story (mp3)



I really enjoy your blog (:

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Hoe kan je zien op wanneer je naar iets begon te luisteren?


ik had een shout die dateerde van 2006, dus vandaar dat ik kon zien dat het ik toen begon te luisteren!

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