Monday, December 8, 2008

The Carrots

The Carrots, another great band from the Elefant label, is for me the new Pipettes, every time I listen to their music, the instantly cheer me up, so if you're in need of a cheer up, try a carrot! And even if you're as happy as one can be, still listen to this, to celebrate your happiness!
The group is formed in Austin, Texas this summer, thanks to a Myspace bulletin put out by Veronica Ortuño in which she sought people to form an American 60’s girl band. The result?, four people from diverse musical backgrounds. Summer, 2006, their first demo was released for free online via Myspace, which included recordings made in small home studios such as the first covers of “Secret Since’99,” “Jimmy Don’t Cry” and “Beverly;” The music of The Carrots reached the ears of Elefant and they end up signing them onto the label by the end of the year. After various concerts and their second performance in the festival South by Southwest (SXSW), they finally started recording the eight songs which would comprise their two singles. Doing Our Part EP released at the end of May and Beverly EP that was released at the end of June, Both singles are available on iTunes and Amazon



Leuk weblog, Ernst! Apart dat ik je nu pas ontdek; zo groot is die indiepop-wereld in Nederland nu ook weer niet.

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