Friday, November 28, 2008

The Bicycles

Back in 2006, The Bicycles' debut album was one of my favorites that year, full of catchy indie pop songs, never failing to better my mood, or to get me dancing on my seat, now they're back with their second album. A perfect opportunity to introduce this indie pop gem to you. Enjoy!
With the 2006 release of their highly acclaimed, chart topping debut album, The Good The Bad and The Cuddly, The Bicycles were appropriately coined as “pre-pubescent rock”. The cartoon-like troupe have toured North America rousing audiences of both kids and kids at heart with their jangly, melodic and super catchy bubble-gum pop, calling to mind the days of milkshakes and roller skates. And having a reputation for being very hands on and crafty, their merch table is a veritable cornucopia of creativity: various handmade felt B t-shirts, duffle bags made from track pants, little carrying cases for their cds, one of a kind buttons, and the clincher... their interactive DVD board game. This fall, with the release of their sophomore album, Oh No, It’s Love, Matt Beckett, Drew Smith, Dana Snell and Andrew Scott are found sharing duties on song writing, singing and trading off instruments on the fully charged album. At a whopping 19 tracks – The Bicycles are still kings and queen of the 2 minute power pop song, this time a little less twee a little, more rockin’, a touch of heavy heartedness, but still uber upbeat. Chocked full of goodies, Oh No It’s Love, serves up enough sweets to make up for past 2 years of low blood sugar pop!



Wonderful! Thanks so much. I'm loving your blog.

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